мая 13

ERASMUS+ SPRING project Peer Review Crews and Planning Missions




The Karaganda Medical University is a participant at ERASMUS+ SPRING project aimed to increase the potential of our university in the field of higher education in Kazakhstan. Our university became a participant in this project one and half years ago. Today the v team is moving forward into creating the of Self-Evaluation reports and peer review crew missions.

At the regular meeting of the Multinational Peer Review Board, representatives of the countries and universities discussed the process of development of Self-Evaluation reports.

The board member Prof. Viktor P. Riklefs mentioned that Karaganda Medical University is completing and editing an updated version of SER of Karaganda medical university.

The MPRB members also established the expert crews for peer-review evaluation missions and suggestions for peer review crew missions  at “KMU” NCJSC in September-October 2021. The peer-review mission is planned to be held on-site.  The activity of the ERASMUS+ SPRING project team will serve to enhance the quality of the medical education program in our university.