Apr 05

Final meeting of Erasmus+TUTORIAL partners

DSC_0089April 1-2, 2021 The final conference of the Erasmus+TUTORIAL project was held in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The meeting was held in a mixed format: the project team from NAO “MUK” was represented by Zhamantaev Olzhas and Tsai Natalia – offline with a report on the course “Introduction to Professional health”, Kalishev Marat, Ibraeva Lyazzat, Zhakenova Saule and Yerdesov Nurbek – online with reports on the prospects and current issues of professional health and environmental protection.

Без имени-1Colleagues from Italy, Silvia Viviano and Zhyldyz Kurzhunbayeva, expressed hope for cooperation with specialists from Karaganda in the study of asbestos-related mesotheliomas in the Central Asian region. Casey Bartrem (USA), Ainash Sharshenova, and Kevin Koppock (Doctors Without Borders) shared the results of a study on the content of mercury, arsenic, and other heavy metals in the body of the working population of Kyrgyzstan.

БезымянныйModerators of the conference prof. Claudio Colosio (University of Milan) and Prof. Kenesh Dzhusupov (International School of Medicine, Bishkek) highlighted the achievements of the project-the preparation of the 3 joint training courses and their mutual recognition, academic mobility, mastering professional English, qualification and career development of project participants from Central Asia.
Бишкек2Professor I. V. Bukhtiyarov from the Scientific Institute of Professional Health. Izmerov, Rector of the International School of Medicine Stalbek Akhunbayev and colleagues from Avicenna TSU conveyed warm greetings to the friendly Karaganda Medical University.
All participants of the conference call for paying more attention to the problems of the environment and occupational health, involving more and more stakeholders, and harmonizing educational programs.
The collaboration continues!