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ERASMUS+ SPRING project Peer Review Crews and Planning Missions




The Karaganda Medical University is a participant at ERASMUS+ SPRING project aimed to increase the potential of our university in the field of higher education in Kazakhstan. Our university became a participant in this project one and half years ago. Today the v team is moving forward into creating the of Self-Evaluation reports and peer review crew missions.

At the regular meeting of the Multinational Peer Review Board, representatives of the countries and universities discussed the process of development of Self-Evaluation reports.

The board member Prof. Viktor P. Riklefs mentioned that Karaganda Medical University is completing and editing an updated version of SER of Karaganda medical university.

The MPRB members also established the expert crews for peer-review evaluation missions and suggestions for peer review crew missions  at “KMU” NCJSC in September-October 2021. The peer-review mission is planned to be held on-site.  The activity of the ERASMUS+ SPRING project team will serve to enhance the quality of the medical education program in our university.

Apr 28

The training of teaching staff in the field of expert assessment of higher education organizations

In fulfilment of the task of self-evaluation report of NJSC “Medical University of Karaganda”, planned by the Multinational peer review board (MPRB) of the ERASMUS + SPRING project, members of the work group of the project held a seminar to train the academic and faculty staff of schools “General Medicine” and “Dentistry”, and the staff of the Department of Academic Affairs. Within the framework of the seminar the team of the project held the series of online and offline meetings, which allowed the employees of “KMU” NJSC to acquire and improve competencies in the field of expert assessment of higher education organizations. The result of the training was the acquisition of skills for self-assessment using the QUALITY ASSURANCE STANDARDS FOR PEER REVIEW OF HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS tool, which was developed by the MPRB of the ERASMUS + SPRING project.

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Apr 05

Final meeting of Erasmus+TUTORIAL partners

DSC_0089April 1-2, 2021 The final conference of the Erasmus+TUTORIAL project was held in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The meeting was held in a mixed format: the project team from NAO “MUK” was represented by Zhamantaev Olzhas and Tsai Natalia – offline with a report on the course “Introduction to Professional health”, Kalishev Marat, Ibraeva Lyazzat, Zhakenova Saule and Yerdesov Nurbek – online with reports on the prospects and current issues of professional health and environmental protection.

Без имени-1Colleagues from Italy, Silvia Viviano and Zhyldyz Kurzhunbayeva, expressed hope for cooperation with specialists from Karaganda in the study of asbestos-related mesotheliomas in the Central Asian region. Casey Bartrem (USA), Ainash Sharshenova, and Kevin Koppock (Doctors Without Borders) shared the results of a study on the content of mercury, arsenic, and other heavy metals in the body of the working population of Kyrgyzstan.

БезымянныйModerators of the conference prof. Claudio Colosio (University of Milan) and Prof. Kenesh Dzhusupov (International School of Medicine, Bishkek) highlighted the achievements of the project-the preparation of the 3 joint training courses and their mutual recognition, academic mobility, mastering professional English, qualification and career development of project participants from Central Asia.
Бишкек2Professor I. V. Bukhtiyarov from the Scientific Institute of Professional Health. Izmerov, Rector of the International School of Medicine Stalbek Akhunbayev and colleagues from Avicenna TSU conveyed warm greetings to the friendly Karaganda Medical University.
All participants of the conference call for paying more attention to the problems of the environment and occupational health, involving more and more stakeholders, and harmonizing educational programs.
The collaboration continues!

Mar 07

Kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ Harmonization And mutual Recognition of Master programs in OccupatioNal and Environmental hEalth (HARMONEE 2021-2023)

On February 12, 2021 the kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ Harmonization And mutual Recognition of Master programs in OccupatioNal and Environmental hEalth/ HARMONEE 2021-2023 project was held. The aim of the project is to harmonize the training programs in the field of occupational and environmental health in the Central Asian region and to get their recognition in European countries.
The project partners come from the University of Milan, Italy, the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, the International Medical University and Osh University, Kyrgyzstan, Khujand University, Tajikistan, Samarkand Medical University, Uzbekistan and Karaganda Medical University, Kazakhstan. We have discussed and identified the areas of responsibility of each partner, the stages of work.
The priority tasks are: the development of three joint educational modules and professional capacity development (strengthening scientific and academic competencies, mastering professional English) of the project members to conduct these training programs. The team of KMU University consists of the coordinator – Kalishev Marat, economist Natalia Tsay and the developers, designed to update and create a number of disciplines within the the project – Zhakenova Saule, Ibraeva Lyazat, Yerdesov Nurbek, Zhamantaev Olzhas. If you have any questions, please contact us by email Kalishev@qmu.kz. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you have the opportunity to train or perform research work together with project partners.
Project Manager Claudio Colosio and Communication Officer Carlo Bitetto highlighted the importance of teamwork and transparency, as well as dissemination of the project progress and results.


Jan 20

Participation in the exhibition of Erasmus + projects in Kazakhstan “The role of Erasmus + projects in the modernization of higher education in Kazakhstan: their impact and sustainability.”

Tutorial poster eng

October 20 and 21, 2020 In the city of Nur-Sultan, The National Erasmus+ Office together with the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Delegation of the European Union to Kazakhstan and with the support of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Union organises the Fair “The Role of Erasmus+ Projects in the modernisation of higher education in Kazakhstan: their impact and sustainability ”.

The purpose of the Fair is to familiarise a wide range of stakeholders with the achievements and results of Erasmus+ CBHE projects to enhance their influence and disseminate best practices.

During the exhibition, our team presented their experience in project implementation, their results and impact at the individual, institutional and national levels, our potential and its sustainability.

Link: http://erasmusplus.kz/index.php/ru/erasmus/vystavka-proektov-ppvo-2020

Dec 12

International on-line conference “Innovations in Nursing Education, Research, Leadership and Clinical Practice”

On December 10-11, 2020, there will be an international online conference “Innovation in Nursing, Research, Leadership and Clinical Practice” held as part of the 3-year (2018- January 2020) project Erasmus + “Promoting the Innovation Capacity of Higher Education in Nursing during Health Services’ Transition”

Venue: Zoom platform, link will be sent closer to the date.

The Conference will include plenary and breakout sessions with the participation of Kazakh and foreign experts in the field of nursing, including from leading universities in Finland, Netherlands, Slovenia, etc. Representatives of the ministries of health, education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regional health departments, medical universities and colleges, health care practitioners, professional associations, etc. will take part.

The main results of the Project will be reported at the conference, as well as topical issues in the field of nursing in Kazakhstan, incl. evidence-based nursing practice, leadership, research, etc.


Sep 15

Quality assurance in Medical and Public health education

заметка SPRING (2)The distance learning workshop “Quality assurance in Medical and Public health education” for teaching, academic, and administrative stuff is conducted at Karaganda Medical University on 15 and 16 of September 2020 under the ERASMUS+ SPRING project. The seminar is dedicated to the awareness on quality assurance of medical and healthcare education programs.

The SPRING project is the part of European Union strategy of capacity-building on medical education. The seminar is organized by Medical University Sofia и Lithuanian University of Health Sciences under the supervision of BAU International University as a grant holder ant its representative prof. Leven Metreveli.

The teaching and medical stuff of university are taught on the approach of peer review process of educational program according to the international standards with their further training as experts on peer review that would contribute to the improvement of medical education quality.

Mar 17

Piloting the materials on Qualitative research and Development projects in nursing


Мастер-класс октябрь статья1 Мастер-класс октябрь статья2 Мастер-класс октябрь статья3 Мастер-класс октябрь статья4Master class “Piloting the materials on Qualitative research and Development projects in nursing” was held at the School of Medicine of Nazarbayev University, with the organization of the Medical University of Karaganda (Kazakhstan) and the University of Applied Sciences JAMK (Finland) in the city of Nur-Sultan from October 7 to 11, 2019.

The master class was organized as part of the ProInCa project. During the master class, materials were tested, intended for applied and academic bachelors and undergraduates in nursing, and proposals were also collected to improve the prepared teaching materials.

The master class was attended by teachers of medical universities, higher medical colleges, colleges, as well as academic specialists. Medical University of Karaganda took part in the event: director of the department of academic work A.B. Tashetova, teacher of the Department of Nursing I.B. Meyermanova, master student of the specialty “Public Health” Zh.M. Kuanysh.

The organizers and coordinators of the European partners were: Johanna Heikkilä, PhD, Senior Advisor, ProInCa project, School of Health and Social Studies University of Applied Sciences JAMK, Hanna Hopia, PhD, Principal lecturer University of Applied Sciences JAMK, Alberta T. (Bettie) Oosterhoff, PhD, Lecturer and researcher, Cultural Anthropology & Health, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, School of Health Care Studies, Groningen (Netherlands).

Mar 06

Preventive monitoring on the SPRING project

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-04 at 09.06.20 (3)Preventive Monitoring of the Erasmus + “Setting Peer Review Instruments and Goals for Medical (Health) Education (SPRING)” project was held March 3, 2020 in  Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University.

The project coordinator Elena Mikhailovna Laryushina and researcher on the project Sholpan Sabataevna Kalieva on behalf of Karaganda Medical University performed the first results of the project within the framework of the Kazakhstani partners report. The meeting with the director of the National Erasmus+ office in Kazakhstan Tasbulatova Shaizada Umurzakova explained important aspects of the project implementation methodology. The members of monitoring discussed goals and priorities, future activities, valuable recommendations and possible failures and difficulties.

мая 30

On the innovative potential of nursing

СД Нур-Султан 1 СД Нур-Султан 2 СД Нур-Султан 4 СД Нур-СултанOn May 23-24, in Nur-Sultan, the Nazarbayev University School of Medicine hosted an international conference on “ Development of nursing in Kazakhstan through the strengthening of institutional cooperation” within the framework of the project “ProInCa – Promoting the innovative potential of higher education in the field of nursing in health care reform”. The conference was attended by over one hundred representatives of universities, higher medical colleges. Representatives of the RCHD, the Ministry of Health, the international nursing associations and foreign project partners from Finland, the Netherlands and Slovenia also participated.

From the Medical University of Karaganda, members of the working package of the project, Advisor to the Rector V.B. Molotov-Luchansky, teacher of the department of nursing, I. B. Meyermanova, a doctoral student of the “Public Health” specialty A.R. Aytmagambetov, master’s degree program student in “Public Health” specialty Zh.M. Kuanysh.

The conference presented the prospects for the development of the innovative potential of medical universities of Kazakhstan in nursing, the experience of the international nursing associations in the development of nursing, best international practices in nursing research, evidence-based nursing practice.


Zh.M. Kuanysh Master’s degree student

Specialty “Public Health”

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