Nov 20

Master class “Efficiency and quality by Evidence-based Nursing” Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the period from 12.11.2018 to 16.11.2018 a master class was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, that master class was as part of the ProInCa project “Promoting the Innovation Capacity of Higher Education in Nursing during Health Services’ Transition”. Our university was represented by the teacher of the department of Nursing, I. B. Meyermanova, and master student of the 2nd year in the specialty “Nursing” R.R. Aytmagambetov.

The workshop was organized for partners and associated partners from the ProInCa project. The aim of the event was to study best practices, literature results, experts and visit places and use this information to further develop educational materials in teaching evidence-based Nursing practice in Kazakhstan. The master class included intensive classes, presentations, seminars, a visit to the Angela Boskin Faculty of Health Care (ABFHC) and a visit to a children’s hospital in the town of Jesenice.

Intensive lectures on evidence-based nursing practice were conducted by several EU experts from Finland, the Netherlands and Slovenia. We, as participants, saw in practice collaboration between teachers and the clinical environment and participated in workshops to improve the prepared projects of national learning materials on evidence-based nursing practice.

The idea of the event was to build the capacity of all employees who teach evidence-based nursing practice in Kazakhstan. Based on European best practices and a joint development process through Master Class activities, the basics for national teaching materials were developed.

Master Class outcomes:

  • Project of national learning materials on evidence-based nursing practice (basic foundations of evidence-based nursing practice, methods, good examples, assessment of evidence)
  • An updated version of national training materials was prepared in accordance with the discussion at the five-day master class
  • The basis for further work on the determination of the final educational material


Meyermanova I.B.

Teacher of the Nursing Department

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